How We Help

A Comprehensive Game Plan

A great coach always has a good question for you, here’s one:

What do you want, and why?

Not everyone can answer them easily, but, once they are clear, your game becomes purposeful, focused and generates confidence. When a wealth plan has been aligned with your values, it’s powerful because it’s honoring the things that are most important to you. Plans shouldn’t be designed based on what’s important to others – whether those are advisors, partners, neighbors or co-workers. They should be designed based on what matters to you. That’s why Clear Sight Discovery® is the starting point in our Wealth Coaching engagements and is also the reason that our clients experience so much clarity and confidence in their plans. But that is just the beginning of the planning process. In simple terms, our process involves four clear, sensible phases that support you in pursuing your goals.


Planning Horizon


Clear Sight Discovery®

In order to achieve different results, we must start in a different place. Our different starting place is called Clear Sight Discovery®, which is a direct process for understanding what truly matters to you. It looks at four areas: what matters to you, your picture for the future, your prior financial experiences, and the goals that will support it all. 

We also work to understand your orientation toward wealth so that we can understand the financial insights that you’ve developed over the years. We want to know about the team that is supporting you – your attorneys, your accountants, and your other advisors. We also need to understand your financial landscape – the resources available to support what matters to you. We will gather and evaluate information regarding retirement, investments, insuring against risks, estate distribution, tax planning, education planning, and employee benefits.

We know that results matter and that they do not happen by accident or chance. In order to achieve results you need a plan. You can imagine the potential mess if a plan is created by an advisor who did not understand how you define wealth, what you value, how you see the world, and what you’d like to accomplish. Clear Sight Discovery® will deliver a plan of action mapping out in priority the steps needed to move toward accomplishing your goals. This provides accountability and ensures deployment of the plan.


Next, we develop Creative Solutions for you. Think of this as your Play Book. Once we understand what really matters to you, we can draw on all our experience, expertise and know-how to design a plan that will help you achieve those goals in a way that makes sense.


Once you’ve reviewed those recommendations and can clearly link them to how they will support the achievement of your goals, then your approval will move us into the third phase, which is Implementation. This is when the recommendations are implemented and the game is on. Each item in your prioritized and scheduled Play Book will be systematically implemented. We’ll work with any other advisors that may be involved including attorneys, accountants and other professionals.


With your plan in place, the fourth quadrant starts getting the attention – Sustainability. The purpose of your plan is to help you get closer to your goals. The Sustainability phase will keep everyone’s attention on the appropriate indicators so that it’s clear that progress is being made. It will also highlight changes or adjustments that may be required as situations shift along the way.


Experience Investing®

You play a better game when you have more experience, and when you’re having a great experience. When it comes to investing, we’ve developed an approach that can help you have both. The investment world seems pre-occupied with asking about “risk tolerance” and it seems like a strange conversation. It’s somewhat like going to a hospital asking for help, and then being asked, “How much pain would you like?” That doesn’t make sense to us. We recognize that there are different types of Risk and that people respond to them differently – that makes sense. But ultimately, investing is an experience one goes through to generate a result. A more accurate question would be, “What kind of experience would you like?” rather than how much pain you can handle. That’s why our Risk Type approach takes the time to understand the experience you want to have and then delivers realistic expectations about what investing will be like under different market conditions, and different asset management styles. You get to choose the experience you want to have, without it being a pain.


Closely Held Advisory Team®

If you are like many of our clients, you have already worked with different advisors to help you achieve what you’ve achieved so far. Now it’s time to coordinate those efforts. Unfortunately, we frequently meet people who have access to great advice, but they aren’t making the most of that expertise because their advisors aren’t working together in a coordinated manner. Communication can be haphazard, expectations unclear, facts distorted, and long-term effects can go uncalculated. Who carries the stress of this? You do, unless you make a simple and sensible shift. As your Wealth Coach, we can implement our Closely Held Advisory Team® solution. Picture yourself showing up to a meeting with all of your advisors, where we called the meeting, prepared all pertinent materials, laid out an agenda, facilitated the group’s direction and work with all of your advisors to ensure issues are addressed. Your involvement with the team will not change, but your responsibility will be to receive updates and make decisions, while your counsel handles the heavy lifting. The outcome? Reduced confusion, coordinated solutions, and results that are in line with your desires.



All results flow from actions, and all actions start with a mindset. Here’s ours…We have a simple belief: you are better with a coach. If you’re like many of our clients (and all of us), you’ve undoubtedly had a coach or mentor at some point, who had an impact. They helped you find a level of clarity you never had. They shared an approach you hadn’t considered. They understood what matters to you and encouraged/nudged/pushed you to achieve it. They had some smarts and shared it willingly. You were better for it. Wealth coaching is the best way we know to bring our skills, our heart and our desire to help people find balance and abundance in their lives. Too many people have lost focus, or feel off-kilter. There’s a balance to be restored and we know we can help. We do it from the perspective of having decades of experience, a smart and committed coaching team, a trademarked process, and a desire to help you win. The results? Compliance laws in America won’t let us tell you, but we think you’ll like what happens.